Developing sustainable land stewardship practices for improved enterprise & biodiversity outcomes


Farming and Land Stewardship

Specialist planning and assessment services for private and public land, including:

  • Property planning for revegetation, planting and property restorationWeed management plans
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Soil assessments and testing
  • Farm planning for rotational grazing, vegetation management, transition to sustainable and regenerative practices
  • Perenial fodder systems

Precision Drone Services

Accredited commercial operator and drone pilot with extensive experience in technical design and engineering providing solutions in:

  • Aerial surveys,
  • Planning and monitoring for environment,
  • Land management and agriculture applications.
  • Asset and infrastructure monitoring and assessment

This process includes localised orthomosaic mapping, advanced landscape assessment and design and multispectral imagery to better understand plant and landscape health

Regenerative Agriculture

Advice, planning and project consultation in regenerative agriculture and carbon based management plans including:
  • Soil management, testing, interpretation and assessment
  • Rotational grazing planning, cover cropping and vegetation management
  • Farm planning & assessments
  • Integrated farm design for biodiversity, water cycles, managing vegetation cover & farm inputs, developing stock plans, cover cropping programs.
  • Planting design for maximum farm benefit
  • Silvopasture systems with native and exotic species


Specialised assistance in understanding, designing, planning and delivering carbon based projects in soil and woody carbon including:

  • Delivering workshops
  • Providing initial assessments to identify where and how carbon might fit into a farming enterprise
  • Assisting in the development and delivery of carbon projects on your farm or on a community scale in the landscape

Providing support to develop community and landscape-based carbon projects, aggregating landholders and communities, promoting greater impact for biodiversity, community and farmers.

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