Research and Industry

As a leading practitioner in the environmental stewardship industry, Danny has been engaged and invited to participate in a number of conferences, forums, lecture series’ and research projects for organisations and events such as Landcare Australia, Landcare Victoria Inc. Forum, Victorian Greenhouse Alliances, Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar and Victorian Weed Conference.

Community-Led Carbon and Collaboration

Carbon, Community & Collaboration  has been developed around developing community based landscape outcomes that provide benefits to biodiversity, land stewardship enterprises and large scale landscape restoration.

The model investigates how we can better engage communities and land stewards locally to build landscape-scale resilience, prioritise community led biodiversity outcomes and create carbon outcomes at a local scale that provide benefit to community, corporate and landscape outcomes by identifying community priorities and bringing together enterprise, philanthropic and corporate investment and local landscape management groups to develop sustainable environmental goods and service opportunities.

National Landcare Conference: On-Farm Value of Biodiversity Through Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Landcare Australia webinar series: How Landcare organisations and projects have been responding to challenges

Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar: Designing Resilient and Adaptive Landscapes

Main FM Radio Interview, Dig It Program: Firetail Environments

Victoria State Government Our Catchment Our Communities Leadership in Innovation program

The OCOC Leadership program provided opportunities to undertake opportunities for development and leadership in land and catchment management that would have otherwise taken significantly more time to develop.

The investment provided an opportunity to curate a highly specialised set of training and skills for a greater vision to take out into the community and create leading concepts for the betterment of landscape function, catchment health and decision-making in land management and project design.

This project research culminated in the development of landscape resilience strategies and models that could be taken on-ground and be adopted in the context of landscape scale project design and development in land sector opportunities such as environmental goods and service markets, community led biodiversity and restoration investment and other identified opportunties.

A key outcome of this work was Danny’s development of resilience and adaptation models and it’s supplementary Reading Landscapes Plant Selection Matrix, providing a resource for landscape design work according to environmental condition and enterprise opportunity.

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