Firetail brings together natural environments and sustainable agriculture techniques for benefits to landscapes, biodiversity, farming operations and communities.

FIRETAIL represents the Diamond Firetail, a small woodland finch that is threatened in central Victoria due to land clearing and depletion of intact woodland habitat, and the Resin bee of the genus Megachile, a solitary native bee that are often affectionately referred to as firetails for their bright orange/yellow tails. Both these species play important roles in healthy landscapes and are under threat from land use, clearing and fragmentation of bushland and intact woodlands. Firetail brings together natural environments and sustainable agriculture techniques for benefits to landscapes, biodiversity, farming operations and communities.

These Firetails are a symbol of healthy landscapes and woodland environments and their presence represents an environment that can support abundant habitat opportunities required for a thriving, diverse population. If we can bring back species such as this, it is a key marker in the restoration of a healthy landscape and the benefits for biodiversity, farming and community that comes with this. By improving this biodiversity, landscapes will be enhanced, retaining more moisture year-round, providing food sources for a healthy ecosystem and contribute to efficient farming environments.

Danny Pettingill

Danny works in the niche between agriculture and conservation to promote management for biodiversity and production through sustainable environmental management techniques. 

He has experience in community engagement, education and design across a number of industries, and applies these to the development of large scale landscape and micro-catchment restoration, sustainable and regenerative agriculture consultation, and carbon and biodiversity projects at form or community aggregated scales.

Danny’s passion is in collaboration and design, having made a career as a designer, artist, engineer and educator at the forefront of innovative practice and he brings this energy into landscape development, restoration and sustainable farming projects.

He is a popular industry presenter  and adviser to Bendigo TAFE, mentoring the Conservation and Land Management and Agriculture students. Danny helps students better understand the links between landscape, water, soils and biodiversity, and the role people play in shaping environments through conservation and agricultural intervention.

Danny is an exceptional communicator and excels in planning and hosting workshops, field days, meetings and stakeholder engagements. He is at the forefront of driving action and investment in sustainable agriculture initiatives, on-farm biodiversity programs and community lead NRM projects.

Danny is the leading Landscape Agronomist for Regen Farmers Mutual, a Director of Landcare Victoria Inc. and sits on the City of Greater Bendigo Farming and Agribusiness Advisory Committee.

In 2020, Danny was a top 12 finalist for the National Landcare Australia Bob Hawke Award for efforts and actions in promoting sustainable agriculture in Victoria.

Qualifications and Training

2021 – Holistic Management, Inside Outside Management
2021 – Remote Operators Certificate (UAV, commercial operations), CASA
2020 – Australian Groundwater School (Hydrology and Groundwater), National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
2020 – Remote Operators License (UAV), CASA
2018 – Certificate IV: Conservation and Land Management/Horticulture, Bendigo Kangan Institute


2022 – present  – Firetail Environments, Owner
2019 – 2022      – Loddon Plains Landcare NetworkManager Operations and Projects
2018                   – Dja Dja Wurrung, Djandak, Project Officer – casual

2021 – Present – Landcare Victoria Incorporated, Director
2020 – Present – City of Greater Bendigo Farming and Agribusiness Advisory Committee
2020                   – Landcare Victoria Inc. Members Council (North Central)
2020                   – Our Catchments Our Communities Leadership program (Innovation), State Government of Victoria (DELWP)

2015 – 2017      – Head of Performance Technology & Technical Design, Melbourne University – Victorian College of the Arts
2013 – 2017      – Owner, Candlestick Design


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